Cemetery Lots Available

From time to time people have cemetery lots which they no longer have a need for and desire to sell.  As a courtesy to them and a service to you, listed below are the lots that we know of which are available.  For more information please contact the funeral home. 

Jefferson Memorial Gardens 


Two burial plots, two lawn crypts, and a double marker in the Garden of the Cross, Lot No. 33, Space No. 5 & 6, Section C, owner asking $5500.00


One burial plot in The garden of Christus, one bronze granite base, and one lawn crypt, owner asking $2000.00


Two burial plots, owner asking $800.00 each.


Two Burial plots, owner will pay transfer fee, asking $1800.00 for both.


Four burial plots in the Garden of Gethsemane, owner asking $4500.00 plus transfer fee of $250.00


Two burial plots with two lawn crypts.  Call the funeral home for more information.


Two burial plots, owner asking $500.00 each


One burial plot, Lot 94, Space 5, Section D, Garden of the Cross, owner asking $800.00


Two burial plots, Garden of the Cross, owner asking $1,085.00 each plus transfer fee.


Total of 10 lots all together in the Garden of Cross which are in the front row from 11E for $ 7,750.00 or 2 spaces for $ 1,500.00 plus transfer fee of $ 250.00.


   2 lots side by side, Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Love Garden section, includes 2 vaults and 2 markers.  Owner will pay transfer fee.  $5000.00.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, 2 lots for sell.  Family has moved away.  Lot 96, Unit No 1,2,3,4  Section C, Garden of Gethsemane, 2 adult interment spaces

Will sell each separate for $ 800 each or all 4 for $2,400.                                                                                                                                               


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, 5 lots for sell.  Everlasting Life section.  Spaces only.   $ 1000.00 each.  Will sell separate.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, 2 lots, Everlasting Life, 152! - 3 and 4.  $2000.00 per space                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Emma Jarnagin Cemetery, Morristown, TN: 2 side by side burial plots along cemetery lane.  Easy access.  Lane section, Block 39, Lot 87.  Cemetery priced at $2000.00.  Selling as a set only $ 1400.00.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Jefferson City, TN: 2 lots in Garden of Cross.

$ 1300.00 for both or make offer.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Garden of Gethsemane, 4 plots, Lot 227, Section A, Spaces 1,2,3 & 4.  Includes 2 lawn covered crypts, 2 openings and closings, a granite slab that fits a 56x16 marker.  Also includes perpetual care fee.  $ 5000.00 for all and buyer to pay transfer fee.  


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Everlasting Life, # 156 C-4.  $1000.00 plus transfer fee, negotiable.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Christus section.  One lot, $ 900.00.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Garden of the Cross, One lot, $ 1000.00 plus transfer fee


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Garden of Gethsemane. Lot 134, spaces 3 and 4.      $1500.00 for both and split transfer fee with buyer. 


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Everlasting Life

2 lots, 2 O/C, 2 lawn crypts, 2 head markers

Valued at $14,400.00 Will take reasonable offer.


2 lawn crypts, over and under, with 16x24 marker (complete package).  Jefferson Memorial Gardens, lot #45, space #1, section A, Garden of Love. Value 2/22/18 $8345.00. 

Selling price $5000.00.  Transfer fee of $250.00 to Jefferson Memorial Gardens.  No longer live in area and will not be using.


Jefferson Memorial Gardens, one lot, Christus Gardens, lot 138 C-2



Jefferson Memorial Gardens, two spaces, one marker, 2 lawn crypts, Lot 137 - 3 and 4 - Section B

$ 4500.00 Total  (Price negotiable)