Online Pre-Planning Form

Make these important decisions in the privacy of your own home with our simple online pre-planning form.

Decedent Information

Additional Information

If funeral home will be making the video, please furnish 25-30 photos which will be returned.

Informant Next of Kin Information

Your Information

Things to Consider

  • Information you wish to be included in the obituary. Most newspapers charge for obituaries. Farrar Funeral Home website posts all obituaries at no charge to the family. All obituaries on the website automatically go to Facebook as well.
  • Farrar Funeral Home files death notice with Social Security. A one time payment is made to a surviving spouse or a dependent child only.
Information you may need to consider for your personal knowedge:
  • Bank accounts, account numbers, and whose name is on account
  • List of stocks, bonds, with contact address and phone numbers
  • Location of any car/truck/boat, etc. Titles, whose name is on title, so on.
  • Information of any pension, retirement, disability, veteran benefits, with contact information.
  • Location of last will and testament.
  • Information of any pre-arranged funeral plans or cemetery lots.
  • Wishes about organ donation.
  • Any specific requests concerning final disposition.